OUTtv picks up five new series

The gay and lesbian diginet is bowing new series this summer, with brand integration potential in two new Cancon shows.

OUTtv will be premiering two original Canadian series in the last week of August. Don’t Quit Your Gay Job pits best friends Rob Easton and Sean Horlor against each other to see who can be the most successful at stereotypical gay jobs. The half-hour series will air Sunday night at 8 pm ET. Don’t Quit Your Gay Job will be followed by Tops and Bottom, a Canadian-made improv show. Both shows are scheduled for six episode runs and there are brand integration opportunities available for both.

OUTtv will also be filming Proud FM’s Shaun Proulx as he does his daily drive-home interview show. The Shaun Proulx Show will debut the last week of August, and is likely to run Thursdays at 8 pm ET, according to OUTtv’s chief operating officer, Brad Danks.

Also new to the net, next Monday OUTtv will debut The DL Chronicles, which tells the story of African-American men in Chicago who lead sexually duplicitous and secretive lifestyles. The four-part half-hour series is airing at 9 pm ET, as part of OUTtv’s men’s night, which includes Noah’s Arc and Queer as Folk.

Last Friday OUTtv debuted The Lair, about a journalist investigating a series of murders of young men. The investigation leads the reporter to a secret club and its coven of vampires. The half-hour series airs at 9:30 pm ET.

OUTtv is available in 550,000 households in Canada. The network targets 30- to 55-year-old gay and lesbian viewers, with 55% being male.