Adconion launches video ad net in Canada

The online media network, with a monthly reach of 17 million, now offers in-banner and expanded video on about 85% of its network of sites.

Adconion Media Group, which reaches 17 million Canadians per month through its online info, news and lifestyle publishers (ComScore), announced the launch of its online video network in Canada yesterday. It will allow advertisers to use video in-banner as an overlay/expandable unit, and of course on sites that already host videos in the form of pre-, mid- or post-roll ads.

The option is ideal for advertisers who want to re-purpose television commercials and extend their life online, explains Keith Kaplan, Adconion Media Group president for North America. ‘We put it in a commercial either via a banner that finds the audience they’re looking for, or in front of programs that are targeting their audience,’ Kaplan tells MiC.

While Adconion offered some video options before, the network has now enabled nearly all its publishers for in-banner and expandable video (about 85%), and offers new ROI measurements to advertisers in addition to impressions. ‘We’re also giving them an engagement stat, so, did someone use it? When did they bail out? Did they click through to make a purchase? What did they like the most?’

In Canada, Adconion has about 900 publishers, using CPM as an ad model predominantly, with the cost being approximately $20 to $35 CPM for pre-roll, depending on the audience, and about $6 to $15 CPM for in-banner and expandable video, says Tina Mooney, sales director for Adconion Canada. ‘So the green/environment channel, which is a bit more niche, is going to be a lot more expensive, but if it’s an entertainment channel or social networking site, that would be on the lower end because there’s more reach and volume in the Canadian marketplace,’ Mooney tells MiC.