BitDefender launches an anti-virus intervention

Mango Moose puts street squads throughout Toronto today as part of a four-week guerrilla stunt campaign.

Expect to see alarms, laptop crisis emergencies and hazmat suit-clad virus buster teams causing a little havoc in downtown Toronto today.

It’s all are part of a new guerrilla campaign for security software co BitDefender by Toronto-based Mango Moose, in an attempt to bring everyday computer virus situations to life (and, by extension, build brand awareness in the Toronto biz community). The street performances involve BitDefender street teams, consisting of three virus busters and a business person who, once he realizes his laptop is infected, will have BitDefender virus busting teams rush to the infected laptop carrying a protection spray that will fire off an alarm before they disinfect it.

The campaign, which starts today and runs through July 2, has ‘virus wipeout’ skits throughout the city followed by BitDefender street teams handing out promo material and taking photos with curious bystanders. Pedestrians can later find their image on and share them with friends and family.

‘BitDefender wanted to differentiate itself from other antivirus software who use mostly traditional media to advertise their product,’ Terri Mattucci, ‘marketing whiz’ at Mango Moose Media, tells MiC of the media strategy. ‘With this guerrilla initiative we were able to act out a virus infection and create intrigue from passersby so that they take a closer look at antivirus software,’ she explains. ‘The goal was to get people to visualize computer virus problems: You can’t physically see a virus on your computer and because of that, people tend to underestimate virus issues.’

There are also plans to include a YouTube video of the skits to gain further interaction from the online community. The video will be filmed during the campaign and put online shortly after.

‘The element of surprise is one of guerrilla marketing’s greatest assets,’ says Mattucci. ‘When it comes to traditional advertising, while effective, people tend to have their guard up. But when you are able to surprise someone with an interesting guerrilla initiative, you pique their curiosity and get them interested in your brand and its message.’

Building on BitDefender’s earlier OOH blitz in Toronto, the stunt is also created as a second touch point with the target – the small and mid-sized co urban professional – to create further word-of-mouth buzz.