BzzAgent Canada waxes on Facebook

The WOM marketing co is creating and maintaining Facebook fan pages to support brands in their viral campaign efforts.

Toronto-based word-of-mouth marketing co BzzAgent Canada, announced this week it will extend campaign development to Facebook, utilizing some 50,000 consumer agents to create viral promos for brands. Also part of the announcement, adds Nora Wallace, national account manager at BzzAgent Canada, a division of Rogers Media, the company can run syndicated campaigns off of clients’ own advocacy or WOM communities.

‘When a client is able to execute campaigns off of a [Facebook] fan page, there is new content that is continually generated by the agents who are uploading the reports to the fan page,’ Wallace tells MiC. ‘The agents are able to interact with other individuals who are part of the fan page – who may not be a part of the campaign, but they’re able to talk to them about it.’

These agents are recruited consumers (either from a Rogers’ opt-in database or through organic WOM promotions), and then sent information about brands which they pass along to their friends. Wallace explains that BzzAgent’s campaigns generate 1:60 pass-along ratio. ‘For every agent that you engage, they will speak to, on average across all categories, 12 individuals and that becomes your first generations. Those 12 individuals will talk to an additional 1.4 individuals which becomes generation two. This is what happens within an eight-week period which is our live campaign period,’ says Wallace.

While anyone can create a Facebook fan page, it’s the recruitment of the agents, sending out and creation of the kits that go to them, and the reporting on the qualitative and quantitative ROI (BzzAgent’s ROI frequently exceeds 110%) that makes the program valuable to a brand, according to Wallace.