Big banners effective on campuses, says new Advitek study

Rouge Campus has revealed the results of a study undertaken by the research firm, which shows that big banners result in a substantial increase in brand awareness among students.

Rouge Campus, a division of Rouge Media, has revealed the results of a study of the effectiveness of its giant, 7×10 foot banners on campuses. The study, undertaken by research firm Advitek, tracked the results of a campaign by a brand of gum, which cannot be named for confidentiality reasons. Highlights of the study include an increase in unaided brand awareness from 11% to 43% for the static (vinyl) and interactive (screens) banners, an increase of 30% of brand awareness from static big banners and a 6% increase in purchase intent. The study also brought to light a 93% acceptance rate of the banners by students.

Research took place at five college and university campuses in Toronto and Montreal, where 1,074 students took part. It was conducted in three waves, during the weeks of Jan. 12, Feb. 2 and March 23.

Rouge Media Group has applied for Canadian Out of Home Measurement Bureau membership and is currently going through the necessary steps required for approval. ‘We feel the need to give back to our clients as well as the advertising industry, and have therefore included numerous actions in our strategic planning that are aimed at positioning us at the forefront of student/consumer data and on-site media metrics,’ said Rouge Media Group president Martin Poitras in a release.

Rouge Campus’ big banners are available at over 55 campuses across the country. Its roster of clients includes Rogers Wireless, Toshiba, Merck Frost, Pepsi, Bell and Sony.