Second Cup recaps good times on the radio

Gaggi Media collaborated with Astral Radio to launch a 'Second Cup of Morning Show,' running until July 24.

Second Cup is tempting daytime radio listeners to take a break and chill out with one of their cold drinks via sponsorship of radio show recaps twice a day on 11 of Astral Media’s stations. Second Cup’s media agency, Gaggi Media, approached Astral with a challenge to incorporate the brand ‘over and above’ a traditional radio ad, says Lesley Conway-Kelley, EVP and GM, Astral Media Radio Sales.

‘While they still do traditional advertising, they want something to enhance their experience – integration into our on-air content that we can then wrap into our online radio content as well,’ Conway-Kelley tells MiC. Through Astral’s Media Creativity program, which launched last fall and takes cues from the best of creative integration from their stations in Quebec, Astral’s sales team came up with the concept of the ‘Second Cup of Laughs’ spots, she explains.

Seven stations are executing ‘Second Cup of Morning Show’ weekdays at 11 am and 3 pm, when Second Cup presents the best of that day’s morning show, which varies by station. Four of the Virgin stations in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary are executing ‘Second Cup of Seacrest’ – the best of the previous day’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The clips are also available online in the show pages of the station websites, with the Second Cup logo linking to that day’s audio clip.

The idea is to give listeners a chance to take a bit of down time, says Conway-Kelley: ‘You’ve been so busy; here’s a chance to recap what you laughed at this morning or what you missed today.’