Sobeys puts ads on the line

The latest in OOH advertising has the grocery store chain promoting products on its checkout conveyor belts.

Sobeys shoppers waiting in line at checkout counters have a little more to gaze at besides the gossip rags these days. Recently launched conveyor belt advertising is gliding its way into Eastern Canada stores this month, as part of the grocery store chain’s recent partnership with US-based EnVision Marketing Group, producers of the conveyor belt ad product, Art-N-Line.

According to EnVision, the medium, rolling out in 80 Sobeys locations across the Atlantic region, is ideal for advertisers wanting to reach a localized consumer base that shops two to three times a week, and is close to the product or service being offered.

The cost of the product is $1,890 (USD, including installation) per location, per month, for five to 10 locations, with discounts for larger media buys (up to or more than 20 locations). The standard contract is for three months, according to EnVision.

Launched in Canada just two weeks ago, and available in the US since 2006, clients using the product include Maybelline and Coca-Cola.

Brands who don’t want their creative covered by piles of bananas and milk cartons should fret not as every other cash register has an ad, keeping them on rotation and visible, according to the product’s media kit. A person in charge of keeping the belts clean (aka a ‘Quality Monitor’) will also be dispatched to the stores. And ‘unlike TV,’ states the kit,’there are no ‘commercial breaks.”