Vancouver gym introduces not-so-stationary bike

A man on a stationary bike will race alongside cars and cyclists this morning in Vancouver, in an attention-grabbing street campaign for Funktion Personal Training.

This morning, zipping alongside cyclists and rollerbladers on downtown Vancouver’s busy streets will be a rather unusual sight: a man riding a stationary bike. Along the bike’s side will be the words ‘Escape your boring gym’ and a logo for Funktion Personal Training.

The stunt was arranged by Rethink Communications as a ridiculous, yet cost-effective way to get Funktion’s message out there, says David de Haas, Rethink’s associate creative director, in a release. The stationary bike will be ‘cruising’ the city for the rest of the summer – especially in front of gyms.

Funktion’s motto is to make exercise fun. ‘The gym is monotonous and takes the motivation out of training – we add variety by getting outside,’ says Mark Krysko, co-owner of Funktion. ‘Our goal is to make getting fit enjoyable and Vancouver’s city parks provide the perfect setting.’