General Mills makes life a little more delicious

The food co has rebranded its CRM website, spicing up consumer outreach with more useful recipes, tips and contests - and the possibility of non-competing brand partnerships.

When busy moms look to the internet for recipes, tips and tricks to make life a bit easier, General Mills is hoping they’ll turn to for all of that and a little brand interaction on the side.

The new CRM-focused website, launched this month with creative and brand handling by Toronto’s Digital Cement, is a rebranded version of the company’s previous CRM website, The new site is focused on providing recipes, offers and tips to parents, specifically moms, looking to make shopping and meal planning simpler and easier.

Right now, the goal is to transition the existing membership of the site over to the new site and to gain more members, Cam Bradley, principal, Digital Cement, tells MiC. There will be a drive to increase traffic to the site once it’s established, but plans for a media-focused promotional campaign are yet not in place. (General Mills’ media AOR is Genesis Vizeum.)

However, the opportunity for partnerships between General Mills and non-competing brands or services on the new site is a definite possibility, says Bradley.

‘It’s an exciting opportunity, especially for non-competing products or services,’ he says. ‘General Mills has experience doing some of those partnerships on-pack or in-pack previously, and we’re looking to potentially utilize those going forward. Right now we don’t have any thing planned, but that is definitely something we’d be excited and open about.’

Email newsletters, featuring teasers to the site, will be the primary vehicle by which General Mills will communicate with site members. In the long term, the plan is to customize the emails people receive to the preferences they’ve established over time. The emails currently go out once a month, but that will likely increase to bi-weekly in the future.

Overall, the goal is to promote General Mills products with a soft touch, Bradley says. ‘The way we do that is by interspersing product offers within messaging [such as] recipe ideas, or tips and tricks for kids,’ Bradley explains. ‘So we’re putting the primary message around making her life easier, and as part of that, we’re hoping to get some halo effect around brand affinity and brand identification around GM products.’