Trivial Pursuit starts battle of the sexes

Hasbro takes our love of YouTube mishap clips to a new level in a viral campaign that asks: who has better common sense, men or women?

A YouTube video montage from Hasbro Canada shows that while it’s true women are more likely to walk around with a skirt tucked in their tights or get stuck in an Austin Powers-like parallel parking frustration, men also can be common sense victims – running into a pole when distracted by an attractive woman or choking while drinking from the milk carton.

Three videos were posted last week as part of a new viral and promotional campaign for the new board game Trivial Pursuit Team Edition. A battle of the sexes is being waged at, where visitors choose a gender-appropriate pink or blue side and answer questions from cue cards. After each question is answered, a funny YouTube clip is shown that then they can email to their friends. The site is also promoted through a Facebook page, Twitter and MSN accounts. The campaign was developed by the Hasbro global team in Rhode Island.



‘We know that the traditional works,’ Sandra Paulini, marketing services specialist at Hasbro Canada, tells MiC about the viral approach. ‘We’d like to try new ways of promoting to people,’ she says of the 18-plus target demo.

A number of radio stations will also be holding Trivial Pursuit quizzes for the next couple of weeks including CHNC 98.3 FM in Quebec and 92 CITI FM in Winnipeg, says Paulini. A score is kept on the site, and so far women stand to win the bragging rights.

Those who don’t want to play and just want to poke fun at others’ stupidity can upload favourite blunders they’ve seen on YouTube and the top three are posted on the site each week, known as the ‘Wedgie Awards.’