Gift Wrap: Future Shop stuffs e-stockings

In a new digital campaign from Cossette's Rocket XL, Future Shop is helping people share their holiday wish lists on blogs and Facebook pages.

Desktop dashboards basically serve as virtual living rooms nowadays, so Future Shop is helping the tech-savvy hang a virtual stocking on their blogs and social network sites in a new interactive ‘Give! Receive! Win!’ holiday campaign, running through Dec. 17.

The application allows consumers to collect ‘karma’ points by giving gifts to their friends, while sharing their own wish lists by putting electronic items they hope to receive on Christmas in their own stockings. It’s all for a chance to win a $10,000 LG shopping spree, and the top 10 shared items will also be posted on for those who may be stuck on gift ideas to see what’s popular.

Cossette’s Toronto and LA-based social media agency Rocket XL developed the campaign, a first-time partnership for the brand. The app will be promoted through the store’s e-newsletter, which has 1.1 million subscribers, as well as Facebook ad placements and a fanpage with 17,000 fans, plus through a Twitter account and in-store flyers.

‘When you do these types of contests, you never really know how many people you’re going to get to participate. And that’s always the risk of doing them,’ Nikki Hellyer, director of marketing at Future Shop, told MiC. However, she added, more than 20,000 people participated in the last back-to-school contest, bolstering the future shop online community.

A traditional media holiday campaign launched on Oct. 30 includes TV spots airing next week and a radio buy in December. The campaign was developed by Cossette, the Future Shop in-house marketing team and Media Experts, Hellyer said, and focuses more on extended price guarantees, customer service and product selection.

A survey for the store showed that 25% of Canadians said they would share their holiday wish lists through online resources. This is an increase from five years ago when only 10% chose to electronically share their Christmas wish, according to the survey conducted by Delvinia’s The pencil and phone have over 100-year head start on social media, says Hellyer, and the new tech is still catching up.

‘We’ve been playing in this territory for years already and for us it’s just about staying ahead of the curve,’ she said.