XM Canada takes its Power Play to TV

The satellite radio broadcaster launches its first-ever television production, a simulcast of its radio show NHL Power Play, live from Wayne Gretzky's restaurant on the NHL Network.

XM Canada is bringing its live-with-the-fans NHL radio show to the television airwaves starting this week, in a first-ever television production for the satellite radio company.

NHL Power Play debuted last night from Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant on Blue Jays Way in Toronto, and is scheduled to air on satellite radio every weekday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST on XM Channel 204 throughout the hockey season. The TV broadcast will be aired simultaneously on the NHL Network, and will join the radio show in progress at 4 p.m.

The show is being promoted online through XM Canada’s websites XMRadio.ca and NHLHomeIce.com, on air on XM Canada channel NHL Home Ice, in XM’s monthly newsletter Signal and on the NHL Network. The company says that although there aren’t any sponsorship and content integration partnerships currently in place, they are open to the possibility.

‘[NHL Power Play] allows XM to get closer and even more interactive with hockey fans in Toronto by presenting faces and personalities to the voices that they normally hear,’ an XM Canada spokesperson told MiC in an email interview. ‘XM Canada is incredibly excited about the initiative and the new branding opportunities this venture will present.’