Sheknows launches Canadian site

The US-based lifestyle site has launched a Canadian version, providing advertisers with the opportunity to access its 1.5 million Canadian readers.

What do you do when you want to speak to Canadian readers in a language they understand? You use Canadian writers, of course., a US-based lifestyle site for women, this week launched a new, Canadian-specific version of its site via a content-sharing partnership with Canada’s The two sites will now share the same ad-network provider, Gorilla Nation, and will populate’s Canadian site with content generated by its writers, both freelance and in-house.

Targeting women 18 to 54, receives an average of 1.5 million unique visitors from Canada each month. Canadian visitors to the site will now be automatically redirected to the new site when they visit A media campaign to promote the new site will be launched in the new year.

The goal was to create content that would help grow their already-significant Canadian audience and create a space for Canadian advertisers, Walder Amaya, VP operations, Gorilla Nation Canada, told MiC. Working with existing content providers was the most efficient way to do so, it was decided, and it’s a strategy that Gorilla Nation will continue to develop by reaching out to other Canadian women’s sites.

Roadblocks, overlays, editorial sponsorships and integrations are all available advertising opportunities on the new Canadian site, Amaya added.