In the rings: CUME Day 13

The Canada-Russia men's hockey game scores almost as big as the USA-Canada game earlier in the week, engaging nearly two-thirds of Canada in the action at some point in the game, Consortium says.

It was billed as the showdown of the Games, Canada’s men’s hockey team taking on the Russians, and although the game was pretty much over within minutes, that didn’t stop an average of 10.5 million viewers from tuning into Consortium coverage of the game across seven channels.

Over nine million viewers watched the game on CTV alone. The game brought in an overall total of 21.6 million viewers and peaked at 13.3 million, bringing it just shy of the ratings domination achieved by Sunday’s Canada-USA game. It also did well online at, with 125,000 visitors watching live steams of the match.

The game’s ratings momentum continued on for the Olympic broadcast, netting 8.2 million viewers for CTV’s airing of the women’s bobsleigh. The event averaged 3.6 million across Consortium channels at peaked at 13 million.

The top five most-watched sports of the day were:
1. Men’s hockey: CAN/RUS: 10.5 million (CTV, V/CPAC, OMNI.1, OMNI.2, OMNI AB, OMNI BC, APTN)
2. Women’s bobsleigh: 3.6 million (CTV, Sportsnet, RDS, RIS)
3. Freestyle skiing: ladies’ aerials final: 2.2 million (CTV, Sportsnet, RDS)
4. Speed skating: ladies’ 5000m: 2 million (CTV, TSN, RDS, RIS)
5. Short track speed skating: ladies’ 3000m finals: 1.4 million (TSN, RDS)

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