Spotted! Eye Weekly’s love for the glove

This morning's Eye Weekly came in a giant glove that commuters can wear to avoid catching flu germs on transit. The eye-catching distribution was a test-run handled by Cossette.

Commuters in downtown Toronto got a free giant glove with their alternative newspaper Eye Weekly this morning. In what Eye director of sales and marketing David Titcombe refers to as a ‘test run,’ for Cossette, the paper was handed out in a large glove-shaped bag stapled with a simple message ‘Flu season is far from over. Practice safe commuting.’

Cossette and Eye worked on the idea together to test the possibilities for future campaigns. The idea can be used as a sampling tool for buyers who want to distribute products or coupons with their ads, Titcombe tells MiC. ‘The future, as I see it, is this is something that can go in our media bag as an offering to clients who want to do couponing.’ 

The distribution teams, located at Front and Bay streets and Bloor and Yonge streets in downtown Toronto, went through thousands in a couple of hours, proving people still need newspapers and giant plastic gloves for their morning commute.

‘It’s a catchy idea the big glove you couldn’t miss it. People were smiling and taking it,’ Titcombe says.