Manulife One puts money down on Burn My Mortgage

The new RTR Media-produced show will debut this fall with the Manulife Bank brand on board as title sponsor.

This fall, W Network is looking to help homeowners pay down their mortgages faster with a new show called Burn My Mortgage – and they’ve found a partner in the Manulife Bank brand Mortgage One.

‘The series is best described as home finance meets the Amazing Race,’ Kit Redmond, executive producer at prodco RTR Media, said in a recent release. ‘[Host] Kelley Keehn and sidekick Chad Bisch lead the featured family through a series of entertaining challenges. Families discover how to knock years off their mortgages and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on interest payments.’

Each show features three financial challenges, designed to zero in on the family’s financial errors and bad habits, such as spending far over the national average on monthly electricity bills. The challengers are designed to bring families out of the home and teach them about finance in an active environment, such as hide-and-seek games to teach better tracking of cash withdrawals and mad shopping sprees to curb overspending at the mall.

Each family that successfully completes the challenges receives a $5,000 ‘head start savings’ reward from Manulife One.

Handled by Mindshare in Toronto, the sponsorship package also includes brandsell, closed captioning and open-and-close billboards, in-show integration, in-show on-screen bumpers, a customized on-air promotion strategy, ‘tune-in’ spots and lower-third promos.

The show is slated for 13 30-minute episodes with a premiere date to be determined. Casting for Canadian families is currently underway.