Food Network springs on high-impact media buy

The Canwest channel promotes its spring programming lineup with a five-market OOH, TV and online media strategy that focuses on media dominations.

‘Succeed or fry trying.’

We thought that was a maxim for publishing an online newsletter, but as it turns out, it’s one of the slogans in Food Network Canada’s latest media campaign.

Starting today and targeting adults 25-to-54 in five markets – Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, London and Ottawa – the four-week campaign focuses on billboard and transit OOH dominations, as well as site dominations and on-air and online Canwest media placements.

The Food Network Canada logo appears in over 100 grocery stores in Toronto and Vancouver. There are also transit-platform dominations in seven high-traffic TTC subway and Vancouver Sky Train stations. In each of the five markets, a high-traffic OOH strategy uses three billboards on separate corners of a major intersection, each featuring a different piece of creative.

Additionally, an online buy will include banners on , , and on Canwest specialty-channel websites. The buy includes a homepage domination.

Creatively, the campaign focuses on visually high-impact headlines, such as ‘The Personalities Are Big. The Tacos Are Bigger’ and ‘You Can’t Make an Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs.’ The slogans are based on popular Food Network series launching or returning in the spring: Dinner Impossible , Food Network Challenge , City vs. Chef , and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives .

Developed and executed internally by Canwest Broadcasting’s creative, media and marketing strategy teams, the campaign was designed to expand viewer perception of the network using five key properties, Solange Bernard, director of marketing strategy, tells MiC .

‘The real strategy behind this campaign was to show the breadth of programming available on Food Network,’ says Bernard. ‘We really wanted to reinforce the notion that this isn’t a network only about cooking or food fanatics, to encourage regular food viewers to come back and encourage the occasional to come in and sample.

‘Hopefully people will realize that the Food Network isn’t just instructional shows, but entertaining programming they might enjoy.’