BNN talks tax with high-income earners

Two weeks before Canadians file their annual taxes, BNN lends a helping hand via a 30-minute interactive talk show, Talking Tax.

Taxes – we all have to pay them.

Beginning April 19 on BNN, Kim Parlee and Michael Hainsworth take the 6:30 spot to host Talking Tax and answer questions about everyone’s favourite subject.

Talking Tax executive producer Michael Omelus says the two-week, 30-minute interactive talk show will allow viewers to ask the experts about their tax issues.

He says the target demographic is individuals ‘whose net worth is five to seven times that of the average Canadian.’

‘Our viewers are high net worth individuals who have more complicated tax situations, including dividends, capital gains, those sorts of concerns,’ he tells MiC. ‘The program will have an interactive element, plus we’ll be taking questions via webcam and interviewing people on the street.’

Omelus says that many BNN viewers are ‘high net worth’ that could outsource their taxes, but instead ‘take great pride’ in doing their own.

‘They want to get into the arcane provisions of our tax law and understand it,’ says Omelus. ‘We want to provide the opportunity for them to consult with experts and get any question they may have answered before the tax deadline at the end of the month.’

Promotion for the program is limited to the BNN website and on-air promos, and there are sponsorship opportunities still available.

‘It’s a natural fit for a number of companies, from accounting firms to firms that specialize helping people through audits,’ Omelus tells MiC.

The program ends on the official tax deadline, Friday, April 30.