Onestop launches digital OOH agency network

Toronto's Cossette, Mediacom and Media Experts are the first agencies on board.

Onestop Media Group used the backdrop of the Canadian Media Directors Council’s (CMDC) Conference in Toronto to announce Canada’s first digital OOH agency network.

Toronto’s Media Experts, Mediacom and Cossette Communications are the first to sign up to the Onestop Agency Network, a digitally broadcast channel that features real-time industry-specific information on large format digital screens in agency lobbies, boardrooms and common areas.

Content contributors to the new venture include Brunico’s own Media In Canada and stimulant, IAB, Cream, C Squared and CMDC.

Agencies use the network – which is branded to the host agency – as an internal communication tool for management to message staff and visitors, and can use Onestop and its smartAD feature to showcase different members of their staff or recent work.