YWCA Canada sirens women’s health

The venerable organization's Safety Siren iPhone app is both a safety device with a blaring alarm and an on-the-go resource for sexual and dating health.

For many young women, their mobile phone is the most private thing they own, and the YWCA is hoping that its solitary nature will encourage that demo to download its new Safety Siren iPhone app.

Launched Friday, the new app is both a noise instrument that can be used to signal someone is in danger, but perhaps more importantly, it is a robust, GPS-enabled portal to tons of information on women’s health. The siren is the hook to get people to download the app, while its resources are hopefully what encourages women to keep it, Corinne Rusch-Drutz, director of communications & membership development, YWCA Canada, tells MiC.

‘One of the things that we really liked about the opportunity to build an app for iPhone was that it’s private. Your computer if you’re a young woman might be shared – your phone is not,’ she explains. ‘For most people, their phone is their most private communications medium. And as a result, it’s a place that you might turn to for the most private questions that you would have.’

The app features over 250 women’s health resources across Canada, and geo-locates them with mapping. It also features FAQs in plain language that answer common questions about sexual health, dating, safety, well-being and crisis.

‘It really offers very valuable tips and user-friendly information that’s non-judgmental and informative, about what to do in preventing a crisis situation, and if you happen to be in a crisis situation, it helps to navigate it in a way that’s understandable.’

The app will be promoted via YWCA Canada’s social media properties and web page and is for sale in the iTunes App Store. It will also be promoted to women directly through the organization’s member groups.