Mexico’s win tops Thursday World Cup ratings

The upset loss of France to Mexico earns just over a million viewers on CBC for the Thursday, June 17 World Cup ratings.

France’s volatile team politics in the wake of the club’s Thursday loss to Mexico has dominated headlines, and its match tomorrow against South Africa – a match it must win to move on – is sure to be a big one.

On Thursday, 1.021 million viewers tuned in to watch Mexico beat France in a major tournament upset, with the second-place ratings win of the day going to Greece’s 2-1 win over Nigeria. In third was the Argentine vs. South Korea game, in which the South American country beat its Asian counterpart 4-1.

Online, France’s loss to Mexico earned 160,585 total live streams, Greece over Nigeria had 138,264 and Argentina over South Korea had just under 79,253.

Source: BBM Canada Inc., A2+ average audience, preliminary overnights. Streaming numbers: CBC Research – Omniture HBX (2009) and Omniture Site Catalyst (2010).

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