Spotted! at Cannes: Yahoo! brands the gutter

strategy's Emily Wexler finds Yahoo! branding everywhere she looks - even in Cannes' most notorious of after-hours haunts.

Everyone who goes to Cannes goes to the gutter bar, or has at least heard its late night/early morning noise through their hotel room window. It’s the place where the crowds gather en masse after the parties are over, and the after-party begins. Many connections are made on that corner of the Croisette at 5 a.m. so it was a stroke of genius for Yahoo! to brand the alcohol-dispensing meeting place. A big Yahoo! banner can be seen above the bar, and a truck parked next to the sidewalk is adorned with sudsy signage, calling out to big brewer advertisers.

And on top of holding a seminar with Jeff Goodby and Derek Zoolander himself Ben Stiller, Yahoo! can be seen all over the beachfront, with a tented area between the Carlton and the Majestic hotels, in the path of tired-eyed delegates heading to meetings or grabbing a nap before a night out. On the beach itself, professional sand sculptors worked on a pyramid-shaped masterpiece, Yahoo!-branded, of course. But to see Yahoo!’s presence, all you really have to do is look down. A street team has been handing out Yahoo! purple and white Havaiana flip-flops to passersby, and who doesn’t love a little beachy swag?