Shoppers Drug Mart’s Optimum party blitz

The drugstore retailer is entering the social media space for the first time this week with a 10th anniversary celebration of its Optimum loyalty program.

It’s been 10 years since Shoppers Drug Mart launched its popular loyalty program, and a lot of customers have probably changed their email addresses since then.

The Canadian retailer will this month have a chance to update its database (used to send consumers special offers) with a new microsite and social media campaign aimed at celebrating the birthday. Unique prizes, giant blow-up cakes and street teams distributing coupons in Optimum birthday buses will be used to mark the Aug. 7 anniversary.

With a digital component developed by Tribal DDB, part of the 10-year celebration will be centred on, where visitors register to take a quiz that shows them what kind of points collector they are. From ‘hoarder’ to ‘closet member,’ the 10 most typical personalities will be grouped accordingly and given fun shopping advice on the site, explains Tammy Smitham, director of communications, Shoppers Drug Mart. Participants have a chance to win 10 million Optimum points and a number of 2010 Ford Fiestas.

To promote the site, Shoppers is for the first time ever going to use its Facebook and Twitter accounts to engage with consumers, as opposed to just messaging them about flyers, Smitham tells MiC.

‘We’re appealing to an audience that I think is looking for us to be within those spaces and we aren’t there currently,’ says Smitham, adding that about 80% of their Optimum users are women. ‘I think we’re demonstrating that we’re customer-oriented, we’re progressive; we’re finding media that most appeals to our database, our customer base.’

After the Optimum campaign, Shoppers will continue to use the social platform to engage with consumers as a brand, with the Optimum section receiving a special tab on the page.

A giant birthday cake is being erected today at the corner of Bloor and Balmuto streets in Toronto, while street teams handing out coupons will be unleashed in the five major markets. Cossette is also handling a traditional print and radio buy running throughout the month.