Famous rebrands as Cineplex Magazine

The in-theatre publication is changing its name to better reflect the Cineplex brand and has added new departments and expanded distribution.

It’s the go-to magazine for pre-show flipping, but Cineplex moviegoers headed to the The Social Network or Saw 3D in October will notice that the company’s Famous magazine is sporting both a new look and new name.

Now called Cineplex Magazine in English Canada, and Le Magazine Cineplex in Quebec, the in-theatre magazine – which is frequently bundled with pre-show media buys – has also been redesigned with a new cover look and two new editorial departments.

The magazine has bumped its circulation in both markets, adding 50,000 copies in English Canada for a total of 700,000 and 35,000 copies in Quebec for a total of 200,000. Cineplex Magazine has also secured additional external distribution, with 100,000 copies going out with the Globe and Mail and another 100,000 going out through Le Journal in Quebec.

Famous was originally created for Famous Players, a Viacom-owned theatre chain that was acquired by Cineplex Entertainment in 2005, the magazine’s editor, Marni Weisz, tells MiC. The name change was made to better reflect the Cineplex brand in the eyes of consumers, she says.

‘The Famous Players name isn’t as prominent anymore, so it just made sense to switch it to Cineplex Magazine.’

New departments in the magazine include ‘Red Carpet’ featuring highlights from high-profile premieres and awards, and ‘Casting Call’ which will run down industry gossip such as talent signings and projects in production.

‘The two new sections bolster our position as a movie authority,’ Weisz explains.

The changes at the magazine are currently being advertised to consumers with an ad in the Cineplex pre-show.