Spotted! Toronto gets lei’d

To mark the premiere of Hawaii Five-0 tonight, Global has taken over the front of Union Station to offer commuters an unexpected luau.

The air might have been cool this morning in downtown Toronto, but the platform in front of Union Station was downright tropical as Global promoted tonight’s premiere of Hawaii Five-0.

The Front St.-facing promenade of the station was decked in a full-on tiki bar, complete with tent, bar and poolside-style chairs to lounge in. Outside the tent, palm trees swayed in the September breeze and a street team of gals in straw skirts and guys in boardshorts greeted passersby with logoed leis and the titillating catchphase ‘do you want to get lei’d?’

The stunt runs all day and will be complemented after work with a partnership with free commuter daily T.o.night. Distributed by ‘newsies’ around the city core, the paper will include a pamphlet for the show that, when opened, plays a clip from the show’s iconic theme song and the equally iconic catchphrase ‘Book ‘em Danno.’

Canwest will also be promoting the show with a partnership with WestJet in which travellers on non-stop flights to Hawaii will be greeted with branded leis and shown an in-flight presentation of Hawaii Five-0.

Experiential marketing was handled by Toronto’s Mosaic, and creative and media were handled in-house by Canwest.

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