Nissan’s Juke is on the go – and so is its media plan

The carco's campaign for its 'brave' new model is making some YouTube firsts in this online-only launch.

Nissan has launched a first-filled mobile media plan for the Juke, the new model it is positioning as a courageous compact car, ready to take on social-media monsters and the urban jungle.

The YouTube-oriented phase of the campaign started Saturday, Oct. 16, with a homepage domination that simultaneously launched on the video site’s mobile homepage as well, marking the first time a Canadian brand has executed a dual-medium takeover with YouTube. The Juke is a new model for Nissan, debuting to the public this fall, although owned online media has been running in support of the Juke since late spring.

The launch also marked the first time a Canadian advertiser has used Google’s new Mobile Expandable Video ad unit, which allows users to watch the full ‘Dread’ spot on their smartphones.

The media plan and buy for the Juke were handled by OMD in Toronto, with creative by TBWAToronto.

The ‘Dread’ spot is the cornerstone of the Juke’s marketing campaign, a 90-second online video featuring stylized animation and a narrative telling the ‘urban legend’ of the car, in which it takes on a Transformers-style villain and saves the day. The video is housed on a YouTube brand channel and has received 1.2 million views since it went up in early October.

Mobile was a key focus in the Juke’s launch, Tom Fotheringham, digital group director of strategy at OMD, said in a release.

‘Canadians are increasingly on the go and connected through mobile devices. We have partnered with YouTube to deliver relevant, innovative and breakthrough media executions that put this awesome creative in consumers’ hands to enjoy.’