Big Bang Theory tops again

The sitcom is #1 for the fifth straight week. The Mentalist is #2 and Amazing Race 17 rounds out the top three.

Here are the top-ranked shows in Canada (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM, for Nov 15 to 21, 2010:

Monday: Dancing with the Stars on CTV at 8 p.m. took back the top spot with 2.313 million viewers. Last week’s winner, House, dropped to second on the night with 2.223 million.

Tuesday: Glee on Global at 8 p.m. won the night with 2.289 million viewers. The Dancing with the Stars results show was second for the second straight week, with 2.019 million.

Wednesday: Criminal Minds on CTV at 9 p.m. dominated Wednesday night for the ninth straight week, this time with 2.535 million viewers, up from 2.412 million viewers the previous week.

Thursday: The Big Bang Theory on CTV at 8 p.m. was the number one show of the night and the week with 3.247 million people tuning in, down from 3.304 million the week before. The Mentalist was second on the night and the week with 2.656 million viewers.

Friday: CTV Evening News at 6 p.m. won the night with 1.798 million viewers, bumping CSI: New York from top spot.

Saturday: Hockey Night in Canada Game 1 on CBC at 7 p.m. attracted 2.520 million viewers, enough for the night’s top spot. Second on the night was CTV Evening News, with 1.379 million.

Sunday: Amazing Race 17 on CTV at 8 p.m. won the night with 2.632 million viewers. Undercover Boss and the CFL Playoffs on TSN rounded out the top three, with 1.890 million and 1.723 million viewers, respectively.