App-etite: Canadian Tire stifles holiday stress

Canadian Tire introduces an app to make holiday shopping a little easier this year.

Canadian Tire is helping to make the holiday season a little less stressful for shoppers with a new mobile app for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones. The free app, which was developed for the retailer by Toronto-based Simply Good Technologies, incorporates image capture and upload capabilities and GPS location mapping to make gift hunting easier.

MiC caught up with Rob Shields, senior VP, marketing, Canadian Tire and Bill McLean, co-founder, Simply Good Technologies, to talk about the new app.

What does the app do?

McLean: The Canadian Tire app allows customers to scan product barcodes to gain instant access to product information, pricing, product reviews and availability. Canadian Tire customers will also be able to locate the nearest store and view weekly flyers to access current sales and discounts.

Why did you develop it?

Shields: Our customers are embracing technology as part of their daily lives and demand fast, easy access to information on the go. We’re consistently working towards providing our customers with technology-enabled tools and resources that enhance their shopping experience. With over 1.1 million visitors engaged in our mobile site, the next extension was this application.

How does the app enhance the Canadian Tire shopping experience?

Shields: The app uses GPS location mapping to help customers locate the nearest Canadian Tire store and provides them with in-stock information to ensure a complete experience. Once inside a Canadian Tire store, if they find a product they want to buy, they can use the app’s barcode scanning capability to instantly access a wide array of product-specific information, including reviews, which are really helpful when making a buying decision. Customers can also search for similar products and browse the current weekly flyer to check out current sales and discounts.

How are you promoting the app to consumers?

Shields: Through a multi-faceted, integrated approach, leveraging both traditional and digital media. Customers who are online will hear about the mobile app through and Canadian Tire’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a PR campaign that announced the launch. We will also be promoting the app directly to mobile users through advertisements within popular apps that Canadians like to use.

How might the app evolve?

McLean: The app was designed with the full consideration of the needs and requirements of the customers of Canadian Tire. The mobile technology landscape continues to develop at a very rapid pace. These developments will continue to deliver opportunities to further enhance the shopping experience of the customer.