Marketing and ad hires looking up for Q1: Creative Group

The staffing agency's latest 'Hiring Index' indicates that there may be more jobs in 2011, but most firms report keeping the status quo. Find out what skills are most in demand.

After two years of uncertainty, it looks like things may be looking up in the marketing and advertising job market.

According to The Creative Group’s latest ‘Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals’ poll, 15% of marketing and ad execs said they plan to increase staff levels in the next three months. Two percent of those polled said they anticipated declines in hiring, culminating in an eight-point gain over the fourth quarter of 2010.

Almost 80% of firms, however, said that they would maintain the status quo in Q1, reporting ‘no change’ in their staffing levels.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular position being hired for right now is in social media, which topped the list with 23% of those polled saying they would add staff in that area. Account services was second most popular, with 20% of those polled saying they would hire in that sector, and web design/production, media services, and print design/production all clocked as the third most popular positions.

‘As we head into 2011, the hiring environment for marketing and advertising professionals shows great promise,’ Lara Dodo, Canadian regional VP, The Creative Group, said in a release. ‘Many organizations are enthusiastic about pursuing new business and growth initiatives, and seek candidates who have notable experience using social media to increase brand awareness and drive revenue.’