Global Television taps mDialog for mobile ad insertion tech

The deal will see the Shaw Media property use mDialog's tech on its iPad app, inserting non-skippable and targeted ads in mobile programming.

With VOD’s future in advertising, Global Television has inked a deal with Toronto-based mDialog to run its multi-TV show iPad application.

The mDialog platform with its dynamic midstream ad insertion capability will allow Global Television to place non-skippable video commercials in a standard TV episode on its iPad video offering.

That includes seamlessly replacing commercial breaks on a Global TV broadcast of a TV show with new ads more tailored to the digital device user, and which hopefully feel less like a web video ad or a traditional broadcast commercial break.

mDialog has done earlier deals with Canadian broadcasters, including specialty channel OUTtv, which uses the homegrown video ad insertion technology to place targeted ads on its iPhone app.

But the deal with Global Television is mDialog’s biggest partnership with a Canadian broadcaster.

The benefit for Global is the ability to make money on digital platforms by offering premium content with highly targeted advertising, including commercials that are geo-targeted or vary according to the time of day.

In other words, different VOD users viewing a Global Television show will see different ads on the iPad app.

‘Real-time ad insertion and mDialog in-stream app technology provides unprecedented interaction with brands while still in the stream…positioning Global as a clear leader in this area,’ the broadcaster said in a briefing note accompanying today’s announcement.

Global’s new relationship with mDialog, combined with rapidly increased use of the iPhone and iPad devices, aims to take its video advertising business in a new and more lucrative direction.

From Playback Daily