Five minutes, 5 things with Barry Salzman

A video interview with Google's managing director of media and platforms (Americas).

On day three of Ad Week in Toronto, marketers, media people and display advertising aficionados gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum to hear Google’s Barry Salzman wax on the future of display advertising.

MiC caught up with the charismatic managing director of media and platforms for Google Americas an hour before his presentation for a five-minute interview on how the changes he predicts will affect media buying and planning in the years ahead.

NOTE: There is a slight delay in this video’s audio feed. MiC is working to resolve the problem.

Advertising Week is a week-long, four-city tour de force of all things advertising created by the Institute of Communications Agencies (ICA). All week, MiC is featuring ‘Five minutes, 5 things’ a video interview series inspired by the Japanese presentation technique ‘PechaKutcha,’ in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each and the presentation is timed to match it.