AUX TV asks CRTC to change restrictions

The regulatory body will decide this week if CTV's request to play fewer music videos means AUX TV can play more. (UPDATED)

The CRTC has declined an applicated by Glassbox Television to have the restrictions on its music service AUX loosened so it could play more music videos.

Glassbox requested the amendment to its license in light of CTV’s failed bid to play fewer music videos on MuchMusic. The application was denied Feb. 10.

The indie broadcaster was hoping to have the cap on music videos on AUX removed. It’s restricted to playing music videos as no more than 35% of its content.

‘We don’t have a specific plan to play lots more music videos, but we want the flexibility,’ said Raja Khanna, co-CEO, Glassbox Television, before the CRTC issued its decision. ‘If we wanted one week to focus on videos for some reason, we could do that.’

Part of the application for the amendment stated that because CTV asked to play fewer music videos on MuchMusic, the videos are obviously not a core feature and AUX would not be competing.

In November, the CRTC rejected CTV’s request to increase the portion of lifestyle programming on MuchMusic to 25% and change the number of music videos that air.

This article was updated on Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 to reflect the CRTC’s decision. It was originally posted Feb. 9, prior to the decision.