Out and about: meeting monks with Carlsberg

MiC finds religion - literally - at the launch event for Grimbergen Dubbel Draught.

It’s not every day that you get to spend your afternoon with monks, but MiC did just that on Wednesday at the launch event for new Carlsberg import Grimbergen Dubbel Draught.

Carlsberg is launching Grimbergen into the Canadian market this month, one of only 12 international markets the beer is currently available in. Brewed in Belgium at the Grimbergen Abbey by the ‘Fathers of the Abbey,’ the beer has an almost 900-year heritage. Two of the abbey’s fathers were at the launch event, talking up their beer’s bittersweet taste and explaining the history of the recipe.

Nick Relph, director of marketing Carlsberg Canada, says that expectations for the brand’s debut in Canada are high.

‘It’s in double-digit growth in its home markets of Belgium and France and our expectations for Canada are just as significant, given the Canadian consumer and their experience with Abbey beers and finer beers. We expect it will be a natural fit for the Canadian consumer.’

Currently, Carlsberg is focusing on PR and social-media seeding to promote Grimbergen, due to the beer’s niche target market. ‘Our target is an appreciator of fine things,’ Relph says. ‘It’s not an age bracket, but more of a connoisseur.’