Environmental claims important to Canadians: study

A study from Leger Marketing for enviro-product company Cascades outlines Canadians’ environmental attitudes.

Think your environmental slogan is going unnoticed? Think again. According to a study on Canadian eco-friendly habits from Leger Marketing by HKDP Communications for Cascades, seven out of ten Canadians say that eco-friendly statements are important when selecting product.

More than half (60%) of respondents said they are greatly or somewhat influenced by environmental steps taken by a manufacturer or merchant in their decision to buy or not buy a product. Those results were greater in women (68%), people with an education (66%) and decision makers of grocery or drugstore purchases (64%).

When looking for environmental information, half of Canadians get their information on the web and one out of three go through traditional media, according to the study.

Half of Canadians are willing to pay, or pay more, to minimize the impact of their lifestyle, according to the study. Consumers surveyed were most willing to pay, or pay more to stop using pesticides or herbicides on their lawn and least likely to fork up the extra cash to buy products made from only recycled materials.

The Cascades Index Survey interviewed 1,047 English and French speaking Canadians between 18 and 64 years of age and examined data from Statistics Canada, and compared the results when possible to a previous study done in March 2010.