Petro Canada buys another top spot: Media Monitors, April 11 to 17, 2011

Elections Canada makes waves in Montreal and jumps on the list at number one.

Petro Canada held on to a third week in the #1 spot in Toronto for the week of April 11 to 17,  buying enough to keep Gasoline Service Dealers and Promotions as the top selling category in the city.

Pizza Pizza moved into the #2 spot for the week and Elections Canada entered the list at #5.

Other shifts of note in Toronto include Sleep Country Canada, which moved to #6 from #13, and Tim Hortons, which moved to #9 from #32 the week prior.

In Montreal, Elections Canada bought enough airtime to land in the #1 spot, making Government-Unions-Associations the highest purchased category in the city.

Sears jumped to #2 from #20 the previous week, enough to make Department Stores the #2 category in the city for the week.

Also making waves in Montreal was Desjardins Insurance, which moved to #4 from #59 the previous week and The Co-Operators, which entered the list at #5.



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