comScore launches Total Universe Report

The new Media Metrix tool breaks down site traffic by source, providing a clearer media picture for advertisers.

In today’s cluttered mediaverse, advertisers and publishers are always keen to know more about where consumers are accessing online content beyond home and work.

In an effort to illustrate consumers’ media use more clearly, ComScore has launched the Total Universe Report, a tool that measures all of a site’s traffic sources (unduplicated), whether it comes from mobile sites, mobile apps, tablets or public computers.

The report, which launched this month in the US and UK, will be available in Canada within the next few months to ComScore Media Metrix subscribers, Andrew Lipsman, senior director, industry analysis, comScore tells MiC.

Information that publishers and advertisers get from the report, which measures metrics such as unique visitors and page views across platforms, is valuable because it zeroes in on exactly where audiences are being reached, says Lipsman.

‘The Total Universe Report allows you to see the total audience and total activity when you include components like mobile, tablets and apps,’ he says. ‘The incremental audience in many cases is just a few points larger than the home audience, but for some publishers who have a strong mobile component, the difference could be a lot bigger. It is important to know where the audience is and how they can be incorporated into media plans.’