Shaw Media, Mobio team to link TV and mobile via QR code

Shaw Media can now turn TVs into interactive payment machines using Mobio's mobile e-commerce platform.

Shaw Media and its clients can now turn TV channels into two-way communication devices with viewers.

It is the first Canadian network to sign with Mobio Identity Systems, a company which creates QR codes specifically for use on TV. The on-screen codes – used in bumpers, spots or tags – can be scanned by smartphone users directly on the screen, driving users to any number of mobile destinations, Mark Binns, CMO, Mobio Identity Systems Inc., tells MiC.

“The crux of the partnership is taking static media and making it more interactive. Using the Mobio technology, TV viewers can be sitting on the couch, [see a QR code] and take a picture, creating a two-way dialogue with Shaw, or an advertiser.”

Errol Da-Re, senior VP, sales, Shaw Media tells MiC that not only does the Mobio platform create a new touch-point for advertisers to reach their target audience, Mobio’s data capabilities also provide new insight into their target audience’s viewing behaviour and preferences.

“Mobio allows us to provide our clients access to unlimited data on viewers and their preferences on an opt-in basis,” he says. “For instance, if our advertisers want to know the favourite colour or shoe size of every viewer of their advertisement, the Mobio platform can make it happen in real time.”

The QR code technology can be accessed by consumers using Android, BlackBerry or iPhone smartphones, although it does require the user to download the free Mobio scanning app.

The codes can even be used for credit card transactions, creating a direct link between viewing a product and being able to immediately purchase it via mobile phone.

Binns says Mobio is the first company in North America to offer the QR code-to-e-commerce functionality.

“Advertisers are desperate to create and deepen engagement with consumers,” he comments. “With our QR codes, advertisers can create a dialogue instead of just pushing content. Then on the payment side we can process financial transactions directly through the mobile site. Consumers can be watching a General Motors commercial and scan the QR code and buy an oil change.”