Fido has Answers

The Rogers-owned wireless co launches its newest service feature, FidoAnswers, with a long-term media campaign.

Fido is promoting the launch of its new FidoAnswers customer service feature, which promises users will have greater access to live representatives, with a departure from its typical new-product media strategy, Steven Sarfin, senior director, marketing, Fido, tells MiC.

“Traditionally in the wireless category there is a three-month media buy for a promotion, then one for the next promotion and the next,” he says. “Because FidoAnswers is such a big deal for the company, we are going with the traditional three-month launch media buy. But once that initial buy is over and we are promoting something else, we will still have a base buy reinforcing and reminding people of this service from Fido.”

Media for the campaign, which launched this week, is being handled by OMD in Toronto with creative by Montreal-based Bos, which has been Fido’s AOR since it launched in 1996. The campaign, which is targeted at consumers 24 to 39, includes a 30- and 15-second national English and French TV commercial airing on programs including American Idol, Big Brother and Tout Les Monde En Parle, OOH, print and digital on sites like, AOL Canada and
The advertising itself is also a departure for Fido, says Sarfin.

“The critical difference for the campaign is we have a touch of humour in it,” he says. “While the dog is still central to the story, there is a little subplot going on which delivers a message of how it is better to talk to a live customer representative.”