BitTorrent to distribute independent Aussie flick

Notes from the mediascape: The file-sharing company will make The Tunnel available to more than 100 million screens across the word via its software products.

More films are finding ways to be (legally) distributed online for free viewing.

BitTorrent, a company that develops technologies to move large files across the internet, recently announced that The Tunnel will be the first Australian film to be released via its Artist Spotlight program, securing global distribution via BitTorrent’s Mainline and uTorrent software products with the potential to reach over 100 million screens across the globe.

The Aussie filmmakers behind The Tunnel, co-producers/writers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey, employed an innovative single-frame-sale model in order to fund the project, thus making it available for free download to people all over the world. It will debut on BitTorrent on May 19.

‘We are really excited about our partnership with BitTottent and their ongoing support of independent artists,’ said Tedeschi and Harvey in a release. ‘The BitTorrent technology provides a direct connection to a massive audience all around the globe. It is definitely a new and exciting distribution path for independent filmmakers who have a story that they want people to see.’

Film buffs can download the film through BitTorrent’s App Studio, purchase frames, watch trailers, access more info on the film’s background and reach out to the filmmakers via social media. BitTorrent will be promoting The Tunnel on, on and will promote it to new users who download either software product.

The Tunnel will also be housed on, a company based in the UK that lends a hand to independent filmmakers looking to take advantage of the global file-sharing community.

The Tunnel is a horror flick that documents the harrowing ordeal of an investigative journalist and her crew as they chase urban legends in dark, abandoned underground train tunnels in Sydney. The film has also signed a DVD distribution deal with London-based Transmission Films, with Showtime Premiere hosting its world TV debut.