Spotted! Hot Wheels breaks world record

The toy brand appeals to a more mature audience with an experiential stunt at the Indy 500.

Hot Wheels helped set a world record on Sunday through an experiential stunt held at the Indy 500, which drew approximately 1,200 racing fans, young and old. The stunt was also live-screened at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto. 

The record was set by Fast and Furious stunt driver Tanner Froust who was launched down a 90-foot track suspended off a 100-foot scaffolding structure in a real-sized version of a Hot Wheels 4-wheel Pro2-style truck, managing to propel the car 332 feet – 31 feet longer than the previous record-holding distance.

The Toronto-based event was in keeping with Hot Wheels’ multi-platform campaign targeting boys of all ages, including a more mature audience, and featured a break-dancing challenge, live graffiti wall and BMX stunt show, amongst other activities.

The event also launched the Hot Wheels Live trailer, a 36-foot trailer which will be touring Canada to generate attention for the brand’s new direction. The trailer will contain sample products, exhibits featuring the brand evolution and a large screen where people can go online to test their new Hot Wheels game. Touring dates for the trailer have not been finalized, but Melissa Chau, brand manager, Hot Wheels, confirmed it will be making an appearance at the Toronto Indy, from July 8 to 10.

Chau told MiC Hot Wheels chose the experiential tactic to usher in this new era because the company was looking to evolve their brand and experiential marketing ‘is always the best way to engage fans on a grassroots level.’

She adds that the Toronto Indy is a perfect vehicle to target their new, more mature racing enthusiast audience.

This event, and other creative content for the summer campaign, was handled by Toronto-based TrojanOne, with media buying done by Carat in Montreal.