Cineplex pilots in-cinema interactive ad product

The new venture will allow movie-goers to interact directly with the ads that appear during a film's pre-show.

Cineplex Entertainment is bringing interactive branded entertainment to GTA multiplexes.

A pilot program with interactive technology producer TimePlay will see cinema-goers at select theatres in the Greater Toronto Area use mobile phones and social media to engage with on-screen advertising before coming-soon trailers and the featured movie roll.

TimePlay social media apps already enable cinema patrons to interact with content on the screen and with one another in the audience.

The latest innovation allows advertisers to market their products and services in Cineplex theatres using the social media platform.

For example, rather than just view a new car advertisement, audiences can interact directly with the car on the big screens.

“TimePlay’s new technology will deliver a new dimension in interactive entertainment making advertisements even more compelling while enhancing the movie-going experience for our guests,” Pat Marshall, VP of communications at Cineplex Entertainment, said in a statement.

Two brands, a consumer electronics maker and a auto manufacturer have signed on, but Cineplex would not release further information at this time.

From Playback Daily