EQ Works targets locations with new partnership

The audience targeting company has teamed with location data company Factual to add a new layer to its mobile data.

Audience targeting company EQ Works has announced a partnership with location and points-of-interest data company Factual that aims to bring more advanced mobile audience data to its clients.

David Katz, EVP of EQ Works says the partnership with Factual follows his company building up its mobile capabilities and finding that to bring value to clients it needed to increase the amount of location-based data it could offer. The company primarily works with major and mid-level media agencies.

“Clients would say, ‘that’s great that you can pinpoint a building, but I want to pinpoint all buildings with a certain type of audience there,’” he says. “I am more interested in reaching the right audience and then layering on information about where they are.”

Prior to partnering with Factual, Katz says the location-based work EQ Works did was very manual. Now the company has access to a new database with information from over 65 million businesses and points of interest across 50 countries.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock