More news for Canadian TV dial?

AOL Canada has requested that its news and lifestyle streamer HuffPost Live be added to the CRTC's list of non-Canadian programming services.

Canada may soon have another U.S.-based news and lifestyle channel on the TV dial.

AOL has submitted a proposal to the CRTC requesting that its news and lifestyle streamer HuffPost Live be added to the list of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution.

The application was sent by Evan Kosiner on behalf of AOL Canada. Kosiner is a Toronto-based venture capitalist, who recently launched BuyNOW, a channel dedicated to playing direct response advertising. Kosiner Venture Capital is listed as the sponsor of the application, AOL Canada declined to comment on whether the company is financing the channel.

Programming on the online channel is currently produced by Huffington Post’s New York studios. The news and lifestyle content expands the HuffPost style of journalism to video, featuring both short clips and live content streaming eight hours a day Monday to Friday beginning at 10 a.m. Interestingly, the HuffPost Live website notes it isn’t “limited by the usual time constraints of TV.”

Content on the website covers 60 verticals; including current events, entertainment, technology, comedy, parenting and style.

According to the application 59.7% of programming on the website and potential channel is news and 40.26% is lifestyle content.

According to the application, AOL Canada has obtained all rights for distribution of HuffPost Live programming in Canada, adding it will not hold exclusive rights for its programming in Canada nor will it stop other Canadian companies from acquiring shows that air on the channel.

The application says AOL Canada has started conversations with three major and mid-sized BDUs, and that it has received positive feedback and interest in carrying the service upon approval.

The CRTC notes that interventions and comments will be accepted on the application until Jan. 19. 2015.

If approved, Huffpost Live will not be the only new news and lifestyle entrant to the dial in 2015. Earlier this year, Rogers Communications and Vice Media announced plans to launch a 24-hour TV channel focused on millennials, including  a daily news show.