Are your mobile users turned on?

According to a new report, many mobile users won't turn on their location services for most app categories.

The majority of mobile app users know location services are key to a better experience but many are still hesitant to share their whereabouts.

That’s the verdict based on a study commissioned by U.S.-based mobile location network Skyhook Wireless and executed by Research Now, which asked 1,000 mobile app users about their location services preferences between July 9 and 15, 2015.

The study found 83% of mobile users know that turning their location services on leads to a better experience, but 40% are still hesitant to share their details.

Of the issues around turning on location services, 50% stated that privacy was their number one concern. Other respondents didn’t see the value of location services (23%) or feel like turning their location services on drains the battery on their devices (19%).

Consumers reported expecting benefits from their apps if they do turn their location services on. Half of mobile users reported that they expected an accurate location reading, 47% wanted location-specific app content and 46% wanted relevant offers and coupons.

Weather apps are most-likely to get users turning their location services on, at 65%. Social networking is next at 23%, travel apps are third with 23%, photo and video apps are fourth with 18% and news apps are fifth with 16%.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock