T-fal seeks South Asian shoppers with influencer play

A cooking video puts a new product in front of a growing audience thanks to a successful young social channel.

Kitchenware maker T-fal has launched its first-ever influencer video to introduce a new multi-cooker product to South Asian Canadian shoppers.

The brand paired with Banglar Rannaghor, a Toronto-based social media cooking publisher that demonstrates South Asian recipes. At just over a year old, Banglar Rannaghor’s founders Fardeen Sharief and Mariah Zahir have earned more than a million followers on Facebook and more than 24,000 subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram.

The channel is newly represented by Fifth Story, a Toronto content marketing firm that brokered the partnership.

T-fal’s multi-cooker quickly cooks rice, beans and other legumes, which are all used in a large number of South Asian dishes. That, coupled with census data that shows this demographic grouping accounts for the largest portion of visible minorities in Canada, made the market an ideal one for T-fal.

“T-fal chose to partner with [Banglar Rannaghor] because they engage with their audience and can integrate T-fal’s messaging in an authentic, relevant manner,” said Noel Gallegos, T-fal senior product manager, in a release.

The video’s format is familiar to any who watch social cooking content. The overhead view of hands preparing ingredients has been popularized by publishers like Tasty, which has more than four million subscribers on YouTube. The first of the sponsored videos on Banglar Rannaghor follows this format while making a bean dish called rajma, with T-fal’s product and logo featured prominently throughout.

The rajma video is posted to both Banglar Rannaghor’s YouTube channel and Instagram account and on T-fal’s social and digital channels. A second video is set to launch shortly.