Comedy Network designs ‘VIP Vegas’ contest to lure viewers to new series

Guys with 'game' will compete on the pick-up scene in a new series aimed to 'teach men how to seduce women.'

The Comedy Network is kicking off its newest testosterone-fuelled offering, Keys to the VIP, with a contest giving viewers the chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas. The 13-part series, set to premiere on Oct. 31, will include secret passwords embedded in each episode, which viewers can enter via to be included in a random draw.

The show, which is billed as a professional league for players, awards the ‘Ultimate Guy Prize’ to the champ consisting of loot from sponsors in the form of an all-expense paid vacation, a car, a dirt bike or other such rewards, along with a trip to a VIP room for an unspecified ‘ultimate experience.’

Set in Canadian nightclubs, each episode will showcase the unique approach of two players as they compete head-to-head in a three-round skills competition. The challenges include getting the girl to buy all the drinks (‘The Reverse Gold Digger’), sharing a cab ride home with ‘that special gal’ (‘The Hitchhiker’), chalking up as many make-out sessions as possible (‘Sunshine Round’) and keeping the conversation away from the girl and all about the player (‘The Narcissist’). Meanwhile, back at the ‘VIP Lounge,’ a panel of unabashed pick-up gurus observe the competitors in action while delivering candid comments on each performance.

The 13-part half-hour series is an original Comedy Network production produced in association with Buck Productions and Alpha Male.