Online minutes jumped 14% in fall 2006

The number of minutes spent online by Canadians in September, one of the highest measuring months for Internet usage, grew by several billion in 2006, compared to last year.

Historically, 37-38 billion minutes have been spent online by Canadians by this time of year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB). But comScore Media Metrix recorded a jump to 45,776,000 billion minutes this fall, an increase of 14%.

‘The 2006 September number is a full 20% bigger than 2005 estimates,’ says IAB Canada president Paula Gignac. ‘It’s proof that consumers’ passion for the medium has not waned, and that the Internet still has loads of untapped potential for advertisers.’ In fact, her organization estimates that online ad revenue will top $800 million by the end of 2006.

Prior to the Dec. 7 announcement of the September figures, IAB Canada agreed to provide a donation of $250 to the National Advertising Benevolent Society for every billion minutes spent online. Accordingly, a cheque for $11,444 is on its way.