Home renovation spending continues to build: Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

Just looking at all the big box hardware and building stores popping up across the landscape makes you realize that this category is big business - and one where ad spending is growing year after year.

Television gets more than half the dollars spent on advertising in the home renovation sector in Canada, with dailies coming in second place. That’s not surprising given the popularity of home renos and all the DIY programming on TV. This category runs the gamut from flooring, paint and wallpaper, windows, doors, roofing and building supplies to repair services and lifestyle shows.

Total National Media Spend – Q2 – Home renovation

  Q2 2003 Q2 2004 Q2 2005 Q2 2006
Total $43,149,341 46,563,168 49,815,930 52,896,456

National Q2 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies $14,119,614 (26.7%)
Magazines: $4,302,345 (8.1%)
Out of Home: $994,283 (1.9%)
Radio: $2,729,605 (5.2%)
Total TV: $30,750,609 (58.1%)

National Q2 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – Home renovation

1) Rona Inc. Inc. – Rona Building Centres – (Hardware stores & building centres)
2) Home Depot Inc. – Home Depot Hardware Stores – (Hardware stores & building cent)
3) Rona Inc. – Rona Depot Building Centres – (Hardware stores & building cent)
4) Home Hardware Stores Ltd. – Home Hardware Stores – (Hardware stores & building cent)
5) Home Hardware Stores Ltd. – Home Hardware Beauti Tone Paints – (Paint & wallpaper)

The preceding data is from the Nielsen Media Research, AdExpenditures. For more information, please contact Anita Boyle Evans, Anita.Boyleevans@nielsen.com.