Would you like some insurance with that bikini?

Desjardins Financial Security is promoting its travel insurance in swimwear fitting rooms in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Desjardins Financial Security is going where the company has never been before: into the fitting rooms of Bikini Village stores.

Working with Zoom Media, the company decided those spots were ideal for reaching people who were planning tropical travel and might be looking for travel insurance.

‘We’re focusing on strategic advertising placement by targeting travel-related environments, such as Bikini Village,’ Katherine Peters, commercialization consultant, Desjardins Financial Security, said in a statement. ‘We’re also using a ‘pull’ strategy to direct consumers to our online Desjardinstravelinsurance.ca premium simulator, which gives them the opportunity to experience the brand first-hand and consider us when it comes time to choose travel insurance for their next trip.’

Desjardins is targeting 25- to 54-year-old travellers, specifically anglophones, outside of Quebec. The ads are running to the end of November in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.