Google targets media

The company aims its "Watch this Space" campaign at planners and buyers.

Google is targeting media planners and buyers with its latest campaign, “Watch this Space” which aims to make the industry aware of the benefits of advertising with the company, Eileen Naughton, managing director, digital media strategy, tells MiC.

“We started planning the campaign about a year ago and it is a very conscious industry outreach on Google’s part,” she says. “It is intended to show that Google is very serious about improving the display ad eco system, bringing tools to bear that eliminate some of the fragmentation and inefficient processes that exist in the media buying continuum.”

The campaign includes print advertising in strategy magazine and Rogers Media-owned Marketing magazine, online advertising, which can be seen on MiC and other industry sites, and a one-day sidewalk art installation in front of Toronto agencies earlier this week. Media and creative for the campaign was all done in-house at Google.

“Google is a different kind of marketer, it doesn’t go about marketing in the same sort of way,” says Naughton. “Google talks in plain language when it talks about itself, takes all the information about cookies and ad exchanges and puts it into simple language.”

Naughton says north of five billion ad impressions come through Google every day, with one insertion order being able to reach 200 targeted blogs.

“Media buyers and planners don’t necessarily get that online advertising is the simplest form of advertising you can buy,” she says. “The sight, sound and motion of TV has proved to be an enduring format and you can get tremendous reach very easily, and there is a very well oiled machine for buying TV ads.”

“What is different about online advertising is that Canadians are spending 40% of their media time online and the media buying doesn’t match up with that yet, it is still only about 16%. When you look at the capability to interact with an ad, whether it is paid, or organic, it works when it is relevant. It can use video, interactivity. People can take it, share it, put it on YouTube. The numbers of people that do that are amazing to me.”